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Hi, welcome to Newlife- the blog. Here we post recent images of the gorgeous babies and other things that inspire us, new projects that we're working on and other things that tickle our fancy.
"Newlife Photography is Australia’s premier newborn photography studio, specialising exclusively in babies from pregnancy to 12 weeks old. Having innovated the newborn photography movement over a decade ago with their gentle approach and special ability to capture the beauty that is newborn babies: precious, ethereal, full of love and trust, peace, innocence, personality, quirkiness and joy. Their unique style revolutionised newborn photography and is now a huge influence on today’s photography. They still manage to stay contemporary, fresh and always innovative making them the studio that other photographers look to emulate. Blessed to be able to work with newborn babies everyday, they strive to provide their clients with exceptional keepsakes of such a memorable time."

Monday, April 12, 2010

How Glorious is this weather- Children's Photography Kidzlife Photography

 Location Shoots
If you've been thinking of doing a location shoot, now is the time. The weather is glorious, not too hot and not yet too cold and we're about to hit that beautiful May lighting- couldn't be better. Call (02) 9660 7143 to book your Kidzlife location shoot (limited places).

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