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"Newlife Photography is Australia’s premier newborn photography studio, specialising exclusively in babies from pregnancy to 12 weeks old. Having innovated the newborn photography movement over a decade ago with their gentle approach and special ability to capture the beauty that is newborn babies: precious, ethereal, full of love and trust, peace, innocence, personality, quirkiness and joy. Their unique style revolutionised newborn photography and is now a huge influence on today’s photography. They still manage to stay contemporary, fresh and always innovative making them the studio that other photographers look to emulate. Blessed to be able to work with newborn babies everyday, they strive to provide their clients with exceptional keepsakes of such a memorable time."

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Eikaterina- Kidzlife Photography, child photographer Sydney

This is a layout I did up for Eikaterina to celebrate her growing up so beautifully and the pleasure the studio has had being able to watch it and capture some of its moments. She has had 6 photo session with us to date, from 2 weeks old and I know there will be more. Below are some of the images from her sessions. www.kidzlifephotography.com This last little one is from her second shoot with us when she was two weeks old. This shoot we did with the help of her uncle Emmanuel who is a jeweler to the stars. She is draped in the material that he used to make the top that Beyonce wore on the cover of one of her albums. His jewelery is stunning- you can find it at www.emmanuele.com.au. "Dear Galia, I just wanted to thank you for the most beautiful photos and memories that I have of my daughter, my friends and relatives overseas just adored the photo booklet, that was a great idea for the christening. Galia has the most beautiful nature and it show in the photo's that she takes, her work is memorable that's why we keep coming back for more photos. Thank you very much for everything." Evy & Eikaterina www.newlifephotography.com

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  1. There is nothing more pleasurable than looking at these wonderful memories that Galia has taken of a child from just a couple weeks old to 3 years of age, and placed them in such a creative way, I really admire your work.